scholarshipThe Cape Coral Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship Program has awarded 20 4 year scholarships that totaled $252,000.

Scholarship Winners

Gunterberg Charitable Foundation Scholarship winner Javier Orozco, Mariner High School $18,000

Dr. Ralph Ackerman Scholarship winner Trish Phan, Cape Coral High School $16,000. Dr. Ackerman served as the chairman of the Kiwanis scholarship committee for 20 years.

“Skip” Hawley Scholarship winner Jack Lea, Oasis High School, $14,000. This was established in recognition of Hawley’s many years serving as a dedicated volunteer in Kiwanis activities.

Holmes Family Endowment Scholarship winner Isabella Ico, Cape Coral High School, $12,000.

John Hermann Endowment Scholarship winner Maxwell Ahmadi, Cape Coral High School, $12,000. Mr. Hermann was a previous recipient of one of the Kiwanis’ scholarships and established this to show his appreciation.

There were also 15 additional recipients who each will receive $12,000.

Alexa Gonzalez of Bishop Verot High School

Andrew Takais of Bishop Verot High School

Spencer Berry of Canterbury High School

Amanda Benitez of Cape Coral High School

Thomas Cramer of Cape Coral High School

Luke Ingraham of Cape Coral High School

Katelyn Rheaume of Cape Coral High School

Maya Abdel Rhim of Cape Coral High School

Trinity Sullivan of Cape Coral High School

Xian Mora of Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School

Georgia Waddell of Mariner High School

Rylee Edney of Mariner High School

Makenna Diogo of North Fort Myers High School

Breanna Johnson of North Fort Myers High School

Cole Logan of Oasis High School

Our program also supports 80 recipients from previous years. We also sponsor a scholarship at the Cape Coral Technical College. We also support a nontraditional scholarships at Florida Gulf Coast University. This is for students who started college right out of high school but had to stop and later wanted to return to finish their education. Currently we are sponsoring 8 students at FGCU.  We also support one of the Cape Coral Mayors scholarship. Funding for these scholarships come from our 2 Thrift Stores and endowments.

We are so proud of the accomplishments these students have achieved and are honored to be able to help them pursue the education further.

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