Every year in the fall, Cape Coral Kiwanis awards thousands of dollars in grants to various organizations that exemplify and fit with our Kiwanis mission of helping children. Our grant money budget is determined yearly from the money we have received from our two Cape Coral Thrift Stores. In 2019 we received over 50 grant requests and awarded close to $150,000 in grants.

These are just some of the organizations or programs we focus on.

  • 501(c)(3) organizations in the Cape Coral area with emphasis on helping benefit children from their philanthropic activities.
  • Schools with ESE programs or extra-curricular activities including sports that inspire students to succeed, or
  • organizations with programs that emphasis reading, art, music, physical activity, or character development to apply for a grant.
  • Programs that provide educational material for exceptional students in our elementary schools, to
  • Programs that help children in high school develop leadership skills,
  • Programs that help defray the costs for economically disadvantaged children to participate in youthful activities,


Some of our past recipients include grants for summer art lessons & swimming lessons, high school leadership programs, ESE programs in elementary schools, mentorship programs, support for young single moms, human trafficking, special populations fundraisers, scouting programs & holiday events and programs.

Do you meet these eligibility requirements? If so and you would like to apply or see our specific requirements, please visit GRANT Info

  • Be classified as one of the following:

o A private or public non-profit organization qualifying for tax exemption under IRC 501, including but not limited to educational institutions, faith-based or community organizations.

o A state or local government agency, including native American tribal governments; or

o A regional, statewide, or local coalition with one lead organization that meets one of the eligibility criteria stated above. The applicant organization must have a significant role in the coalition.

  • Must be in compliance with federal tax filing and payment requirements.

Deadline is June 30 and grants are awarded for the October 1 – September 30 fiscal year.

We are enriching the children of our community though our grants. It is fulfilling our mission as Kiwanians.  If you have any questions, please contact

Lois Horowitz

Kiwanis Board Director

Chair Grant Committee


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