The Covid 19 crisis has affected everyone from employees, to small businesses to larger corporations. In general, it has affected everyone in some form or fashion. We wanted to help in anyway that we could so we recently donated to 2 local organizations so that they can aid the residents of Cape Coral.

Community Service

cape coralThe Cape Coral Giving Center provides assistance to Cape Coral families such as

  • Food items
  • Electric bill assistance (when funds are available)
  • Referrals to other agencies

The Cape Coral Caring Center is a food pantry that assists over 5,000 families in Cape Coral, FL through education, encouragement and support. They distributed 188 Tons of food in 2019.  Currently on average they are helping about 30 families a day. They have a huge need for more resources. To that end, we have donated $40,000 so they can better serve those in need.

cape coral

The Community Cooperative has a Mobile Food Pantry where individuals and families can have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, and bread. In one day, they gave out 300 meals to families driving into the Trafalgar drive thru for meals. There were over 400 that were in need just in that one day. They too have a huge need for more resources, so we are also donating $10,000 to them to help feed families in Cape Coral.


Thrift Stores

Currently our 2 Thrift stores are closed. We saw this as an opportunity to do some painting, cleaning, and organizing. Once the stores are open again, we ask that you please come in and support us so we can continue to help those in need in Cape Coral.


This year 20 deserving students will be receiving scholarship money so they can further their education. We will be announcing the recipients soon.  The total amount that will be given is $252,000. Here is the breakdown of the schools these recipients are currently attending

For a complete list of winners visit Scholarship Winners 

  • Mariner HS – 3 students
  • Cape Coral HS – 9 Students
  • North Fort Myers HS – 2 students
  • Bishop Verot HS – 2 students
  • Canterbury HS – 1 student
  • Oasis HS – 2 students
  • FSW – 1 student

Our Kiwanis club out 10k to the Community CoOp on May 5 2020!

Plus helped hand out food to over 200 people on Cape Coral Parkway










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